Our main expert-area are the pattern-moulded dentures. Since the laboratory was created we're trying to help for the renewing of this most-progressive method in denturing.

Choices for alloy for pattern-moulded dentures
Wironit extrahard BEGO Co-63, Cr-30, Mo-5, C silver
Vi-comp Austernal Co-61,1, Cr-32, Mo-5,5, Si-0,7, Mn-0,7 silver
Remanium Dentaurum   silver
Ugin Ugin   silver


Pattern-moulded skeleton


elescope-crown with dynamical covering

3. elescope-crown with photopolimer
4. elescope-crown without facing
5 Holding element - traverse
6 Holding element  - joint
7 Cuttered element - intralock

Cuttered element


Exchange of joint-bush

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