We have the pleasure to introduce our medical-technical laboratory "Plastica-1" - Bonev&Son. We are denture laboratory with international face and with 16-years experience in the in the private business. Looking into the future we have discovered the following frame of reference: maximum quality, short terms for execution at concurent prices. We use the last methods for denturing; all materials have CE-certificate for quality and are made by the most competent denturing companies. We invite you to put in touch with us and с take a first-hand look at our work.  That is the way to get more detailed information about services that we offer.

 We work with many European contries. The borders does not exist anymore. Thanks to the high-level comunications  we can deliver the needed materials on the next day!

  It's our twentyfourth year in the private sector and we can offer essential advance to the other laboratories. Към нашата администрация еропейска форма 093/42 CEE естествено принадлежат:

  • Identification card for the dentures
  • Co-ordination in the job
  • Bill for all the supplied services accordingly the contemporary health legislation
  • Continuing educational training, information answering all the qusstions crop up during your work with "Plastica-1"

    Our creative possibilities can lead you to the success! We know that when your patients get out of your dental surgery with a shining new smile they are clear about the result. In other words the splendid smiles are good advertising and lead to successful practice.
    In the last eleven years "Plastica-1" ЕООД has been serving to a lot of exacting dentists in the area of M.K. When we were creating the laboratory we were based on the conception that each material must be of highest class and must be combinated with the latest technologies in the denturing.
    We are proud of our ability to forseen and meet the requirements of the most exacting patients.
    We stick rigidly to our work philosophy - first of all we think about the team work as a fundamental premise for successful work. We are absolutely sure that the collaboration is extremely important for your patients's successful restoration healing. The trust in dealings with "Plastica-1" will ensure the best healing for your patient.
    The thing, that differentiate us from the others is our dedication and our belief that the pleasure of having nice teeths and beautiful smile is priceless.
    We, the "Plastica" team have taken the best dental mechanic technologies from all over the world so we can make for you the same thing that will be made in New York, Tokyo or London.
    The guarantee for quality are our many years experience and practice.
    We organize practical and theoretical courses for dentists and dental mechanics.

    It's nice to read about us and to see how we work but it's completely different to work with us!

    "The pleasure from the healthy teeth and the beautiful smile are priceless!"® - Plastica-1